Whats it really like…….

Havre is well known for a few things. Besides our awesome contributions to teenage parent statisics, were also known for our gossiping, back stabbing, affairs, and dirty little secrets. Don’t get me wrong we do have good qualities, I mean I can lie with the best of em! Havre teaches their young early to always have your game face on. All that aside havre is a wonderful place to live if you know the right people. It all comes down to a few things, who you know, your last name, or how much money mommy and daddy make. Think this town is right for you? I live in a town where popping out another kid ( even if you live welfare check to welfare check) makes the most interesting topics on my facebbok news feed. In a town where the police are as crooked as broken nose. In a place where instead of working your ass off to get what you need its easier to let the government support. In a town where ever one has a baby dad, boo, and lover. So tell me, is this town right for you?


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