Havre has it…..really?

Who from havre has not heard the saying Havre has it? But the question is what can Havre offer you? The anwser? Not to much, any one that has attended Havre Public Schools know it is all about who you know. Take the football team for instance, you could have all the talent in the world but if mommy and daddy don’t have the money or the last name you can bet your ass your going to be sitting on the sideline. What else does Havre have? Shall we touch on the subject of the police here? How if you even look at one wrong you are on their shit list. Or them pulling certain cars over just because they know who the driver is? How about how they walk around like they are king shit when in reality they are as important as the dirt on the bottom of you shoes. So before I sign off for the night ask yourself, does havre really have it?


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