Havre Montana Online Garage Sale

ImageAnyone that has ever used facebook knows about the havre montana online yard sale. And let me just say what a bunch of bullshit! You think  bullying is bad amongst young adults? Than you have obviously never looked at this webiste! People get upset if you share the same thing to many times! Only in Havre would you need someone to regulate the site to make sure it won’t get “out of hand”. Like really people? Who gives a fuck what ANYONE posts, if it bothers you THAT MUCH than obviously you spend TO MUCH TIME on it! I actually witnessed a posting war over a cell phone where one young lady posted she would like to purchase the phone and another person said she would take it. So what happens? They start posting snide comments about each other. Like really people! They were both over 25! I guess age does not make you older and wiser, it makes you crabby and unleveled. Another time i was on casually browsing when  see yet ANOTHER facebook war between a site user and an administrater. Basically the whole story was that the user felt that every time they posted on the site that administrater always took it down…let me begin by pointion out a couple of things, one, how many of you actually sell your shit? Obviously not many! I keep seeing the same crap posted again and again! And two, It is a freaking website! Stop getting offended like someone is smearing your good name! Jesus people if we all acted like adults and stopped whinning than maybe things WOULD get better. But we do live in havre, people are gonna piss and moan about anything they can! These days you do not even have to leave your houe anymore! Make a bag of popcorn and sit your ass in front of Havre montana online yard sale and you will have entertainment for HOURS!


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