H is for Hospital

Anyone who lives in or around the Havre area knows what a wonderful medical facility we have in Havre. oh yeah I forgot were being honest. how is it possible to be that wrong SO MUCH?! Do not get me wrong I know there are some rockin people that work there who genuinely care about their patients but, there is a good chunk of em there just to get a paycheck. I have heard time after time from countless people about them going in and receiving poor care or even being wrongly diagnosed. Here is an interesting story, we all know that recently one of the doctors at the hospital had a heart attack. Instead of going to the E.R. getting stabilized and than flown out he decided to have his wife drive him all the way to Great Falls to receive care!! When doctors won’t use our facility what does that say about it? I can already here the arguments that people will make, that Havre is not equipped for heart patients, that is all fine and dandy but it still makes the point that he would not even trust the hospital to STABILIZE him. My other issue with NMH is confidentiality. Case and point, a few weeks ago I was in The Grind drinking coffee with a friend and catching up, in walks a NMH nurse, she proceeds to talk about the awful weeks she had and list off every patients she saw, what was going on, how they treated their condition, and if she thought it was done right or not. Can I say HIPPA violation?! This just hits the point home even more that even if I am on my death bed pump some aspirin in me and drive my ass to Great Falls!


4 thoughts on “H is for Hospital

  1. I have a pretty large testimony that shows how poor our medical facility is, all I can say is thank God for Mercy Flight and for the amazing people who work for Benefis Hospital in Great Falls. They saved my life, not the doctors in Havre. Good article.

  2. I received a surgery at NMH and after they told me it went well so I could go home if I wanted and I was hurting so bad I couldn’t breath because they had taken me off the pain medicine DURING the surgery. So I said I think I need to stay for a while and so they put me on the 5th floor at 1pm I didn’t get check on or given any more pain medicine until 7pm. I had to call my family to bring me dinner. And finally when the nurse (nurse Blackwell) came back in she argued with me that I was overreacting. She waited another 30 minutes to give me my pain medicine. So I fell asleep at about 8:30 and I woke up at 1am in horrible pain and I pressed the nurse button for 15 minutes and finally I got myself up and went looking for the nurse. At this point I was PISSED. I finally found her sitting at the desk after walking by it 2 times ad she said “what are you doing out of your room” very rudely. I just started crying cuz I was in so much pain and they nurse said “mam get back to your room ill be there in a minute” I was so scared of staying there the rest of the night. I was sweating horribly and could hardly breath the pain was so bad. The nurse finally comes in the room at 2:00am and says “you have to learn some patients we are busy too” (they had me and 1 elderly lady on that floor that night. Busy??? Really! And mind you the elderly lady’s room was right next to mine so I could hear everything, they treated her the exact same way. So she gave me my pain medicine and I finally get back to sleep at about 3am and I wake up at 7am to them telling me to get up its time to go home. $4,500 later for just the over night stay, you can bet I asked to speak to someone. I told them how horrible my night went and how the lady next door to me had been treated, as usual NOTHING was done about it. The only good floor on that hospital is the delivery floor.

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