Going to the dogs?

You know what amazes me about the Havre police? How they never do ANYTHING important! Here is an example, I live on a not so good street, and my neighbors I am sure are dealing drugs? How have I come to this conclusion? Maybe it is all the people coming and going through all hours of the day or night? Or maybe it is that I have never seen anyone that LIVES in the house (besides the kids) come out. Either way I got sick of the honking and people screaming at each other and decided to call the police, here is what I got, “well there is really not much we can do”, you mean to tell me it is 2 in the morning and there is a 4 year old girl watching two gentleman kick the shit out of each other and theres “nothing you can do.” What the fuck do we pay taxes for again? Why don’t the police try working on real issues in Havre like the drug problems? Instead of doing things like pulling people over because they were “kind of going fast”, or I have even been told before that the Havre police will pull over girls if they are cute, give them a hard time and walk away with a phone number. How is this ok? And why is NOTHING being done about it? Unfortunately a town is only as good as the people who enforce the laws and sadly Havre is doing a poor job. Who has seen the white apartments with green trim across IGA? Have you seen the people that hang there? How there is ALWAYS someone standing outside 24/7 even when its negative 15 out and 1 in the morning? Is anything being done about that? NO! Instead we have the police wanting to ACT and flaunt their badge and act like gods gift to the world, when in fact I could do a better job than they can. Now I know living between reservations plays a toll on the town, I understand that but if we do not TRY to make things better than how will that? I stand by this, Havre is going to the dogs.


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