M is for mommy…or grandma

You know what gets me hot and bothered? Teen moms that do not want to raise their children. It makes me crazy when I see facebook post after facebok post of teen parents out partying and drinking. Now I know being a parent is hard, I am sure it will be the hardest job that you will ever love, but you decided to have that child young so you decided to kiss your social life away. Now I know moms need breaks and I am not for one moment saying that if you go out your a bad mom thats not it at all, I am just saying that as a young parent you have so much more to live up to. Peoples and societys expectations are greater for you. It makes me sad when I see on my facebook feed or hear from friends that most nights certain parents are ALWAYS out. Your child deserves better than that. If your kid is calling grandma and grandpa maybe thats a hint that you should be spending more time whith them. I am also NOT saying that just because your a young parent your automatically a bad one. I know many young moms that are way better parents than some adults but as always, there is a few that would rather go out and drink the night away than spend it in.


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