And baby makes 3

Well i do feel as if i have been slacking. I have not kept up with this as i had hoped i would, blame it on school and work! Any ways lets get started shall we? Yesterday i was out with a few friends and a certain young lady, who has popped out her second child and is under 23 was going on and on about how she wanted to have YET ANOTHER CHILD! Like really? You already can’t pay your bills, your not married and this is your second child with a DIFFERENT MAN, yet you want ANOTHER? I am not saying you have to be married to have kids, nor am i saying accepting help from the government is bad, but if you have no college degree, no plans on marrying the man, and want to have another? Yeah i think you need to evaluate your life and your goals. Kids are WONDERFUL blessings but as i have stated in previous blogs, it is not a competition. You start having kids at 18 and don’t stop until your 40 and thats how we have 19 kids and counting. What makes me more furious about it is that her MOM is GLAD she has YET ANOTHER! Like really? You do not want anything more for your child than to be a high school drop out and keep popping kids out? WTF! Am i the only one that sees the problem here? We get more excited in this town when people have kids than when they go to college. That my friends is FUCKED UP



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